The Pros and Cons of Dye Sublimation Fabric Printing

The process of sublimating dyes in fabric is what you call dye sublimation printing. In this graphic press method, the graphic is first printed on a heat transfer paper in a printer with a CMYO dye cartridges, which is a bit different from the typical CMYK ink set.
The CMYO Dye Set and Heat Transfer Paper
A typical digital printer uses the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK) ink set, while a dye sublimation printer uses the CMYO dye set that stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and a clear overprint.

Inkjet and sublimation printers are not easily interchangeable. Once you set up a printer that is due to print dyes, you cannot easily convert it back to printing the CMYK inks. Before any graphic image is pressed on a fabric, with sublimation, the image is first printed in a paper that accepts dyes known as the heat transfer paper.

Post Heat Transfer Paper Printing
The printed paper is then pressed onto a polyester fabric, run through heated rollers at 375 Fahrenheit. With heat and pressure, the polymer cells within the fabric open up and, at the same time, the dyes are converted from liquid to gaseous form.

Permanent and Fade Resistant Fabric Prints
The converted gas form of dyes fill into the heat pressurized opened polymer cells. After going through that process, as it cools down, the opened polymers close, permanently trapping the gaseous dyes within the polyester fabric. Since the dyes are in gaseous form, it won’t create dot patterns unlike inkjet printing; rather it makes a continuous photographic print tone.

The Pros of Sublimation Fabric Printing
1) Continuous Photographic Print Tone

This is the same as what I have previously mentioned. Dye sublimation is able to produce smooth images just like those in photographs. It created brighter color variations and transitions way more than you’ll see with inkjet printing, which gives the overall print a superior visual appearance.

2) Printed Dyes are Resistant to Easy Fading

Since the dyes are sublimated or permanently embedded within the fabric, they won’t easily flake off unlike some other regular inks, particularly those inks used in garments for t-shirt printing or rigid substrates.

The Cons of Dye Sublimation on Fabric
When it comes to disadvantages, there is not much when it comes to dye sublimation fabric printing. But, let me tell you a couple of things in my mind.

1) Printing at slower rate

The process of printing is slower as compared to inkjet printing since there are two processes which include the printing on the heat transfer paper and the sublimation part. This also affects labor cost to some degree. However, there are now sublimation printers that have both the paper and fabric inline, and both are run through the heated rollers as the printer continues the graphic press process.

2) Some Issue in Production

There is this issue with production which is now fixed with the newer dye sub printers. Before, although still in the present, it is not unusual to get wrinkles on the fabric or paper, which may result in ruined printed fabrics. When that happens, you have to do it again. People who still experience this issue are probably using the old sublimation printers which would demand higher pricing per square foot for wide format sizes. Also, there are still a lot of shops that don’t have the newer printers though.


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Social Media Marketing Benefits for Business

As a marketer, we have to make sure every penny we are putting into marketing has a return value that worth it. Social media marketing is a cost-effective and easy way to approach your potential customers. In this article, I will show you what statistics saying about the same.
Social Media Marketing Benefits Here is the list of benefits of Social Media Marketing:

Customer engagement

According (Pew Research, 2019) You can reach more than 90% of millennials when YouTube is your preferred marketing channel. According (Sprout Social, 2018) posts embraced the company’s personality may get the engagement of 90% plus consumers. You can get recommendations from more than 70% of consumers when they have a positive introduction with your brand (LyfeMarketing, 2018). Marketing perspective

More than 85% of marketers use social media as their most convenient way of marketing. (Buffer, 2019) The social media marketing budget increased this year for 65% of marketers. (Buffer, 2019) Engagement, traffic, and leads are the top 3 target areas for social media marketers (Buffer, 2019). Tracking social media campaign performance by social media analytics is useful for more than 77% of marketers. (Sprout Social,2018) As per the estimation by the end of this year, consumers will spend more than $500 billion in eCommerce on Facebook, Instagram, and (eMarketer, 2019). Product discovery

More than 60% of consumers are saying Instagram helps them discovering new products (Instagram, 2019). Releasing new products using social media is preferable for more than 65% of companies (Duke University, 2019). More than 50% of browsers love to find out new products by searching social media (GlobalWebIndex, 2018). Brand building

Instagram receives more than 200 million visits a day for business pages (Instagram, 2019). Uploading and Sharing promotional videos on social media is preferable for more than 74% of consumers (Sprout Social, 2018). Engaging consumers over social media and provide proper customer support is a huge benefit of using social media. (Sprout Social,2018) As per consumer surveys, messaging using social media to a company helping them to build trust about the company or brand (Facebook, 2019). Social media is helpful to increase traffic on a website (Adobe State of Digital, 2018). Purchase Driving

As per Curalate, social media posts about products help consumers to decide on their purchase (Curalate, 2017). More than 52% of survey participants were interested in purchasing a product (Statista, 2017). More than 44% of consumers would love to buy an item seen on a social media post (Curalate, 2017). You can start by investing a small budget on social media. But social media will help you to get all the benefits mentioned above.

You and your brand must be online to extract all the benefits including brand value and potential customers. In our next article, I will discuss social media marketing posts which you need to know before you start with social media marketing.

Nepal | The Ultimate Destinations For Tours

Vacations are meant to be the most enjoyable times individuals have in their own lives. But with the number of distinct places that parents can go together with their kids to have a good time, it is difficult to shortlist, which would be the best family vacation destinations. Let us be real. The travel and tourism industry has improved leaps and bounds over the last few decades and today, you will discover the most comfortable Tours in Nepal which every people dream of. Nepal is amazing destinations for vacation, especially for a family.
Especially where children are concerned, family holidays will need to be planned out well ahead of time to be certain that all of the kids will have a fantastic time, and also so dad and mom won’t stress out too much, also! With only a small amount of planning, a vacation that may have everyone ready to have a critical meltdown can turn into a very pleasant vacation for everyone. Planning family holidays really are not that difficult, you just have to know where you’d love to go, what your families’ interests and limitations are, and also how much money you would like to invest. Family vacations are doable on just about any budget, if you’re working on a tight budget you may have to be a tiny bit more imaginative, but sometimes that makes the entire thing more of an adventure for the whole family.

First, you have to determine where you’d love to go. For many families, their interests, a place, or event is what attracts them to a particular place. If your family has an amusement park or attraction in mind, it’ll make your destination selection quite simple. When you have determined where to go you’ll want to decide how you’ll be getting there. If you’re going to be flying, then you’ll want to make your reservations as far in advance as possible so that there is not some stress, because whenever you’re planning a family vacation that you want to remove as much stress as possible.

If you’ll be flying, you are going to want to get online and see if you can not make some savings by reserving your rental car at exactly the exact same moment. Several websites can provide you with substantial savings if you can reserve your flights and your car rental at precisely the same time, so really give it some consideration as it will give you more money for buying souvenirs and other things which you want to buy while actually on holiday. Since family vacations are quite pricey when you fly, pay for holiday rentals, and lease a car you will want to find all the possible strategies to save some cash.

Vacation rentals are bigger than hotel rooms, giving your family more space. Since many include complete kitchens you can cook some foods and save restaurant costs. Another way to save is to reserve a holiday rental direct from the owner, instead of through a management firm, who basically is a middleman. After all of your arrangements have been made you’ll only need to be sure that everyone in your family is ready for the holiday season. Children tend to be very excited when they start their family vacations, so if they’re aware that they need to spend three hours in an aeroplane they will endure the experience greater.

Benefits of hiring professional web design services

By hiring an expert internet agency all the elements of your new web site can work along from the beginning. A contemporary web site could be a ton over simply a touch of code with a couple of words and pictures adscititious. An expert internet agency has all the resources you would like to succeed at a lower price than you may expect. So having a professional team for designing website is very much necessary to get noticeable features in your website with less expensive finance and in limited time.


Professional internet style agencies work with innovative technology. What will happen to your website in next two years is an important question. an expert internet style agency not solely styles and develops websites, it conjointly keeps an eye fixed on future developments. With several new apps and ever-increasing internet practicality to attractiveness to the social-mobile-local buys an expert internet style agency who will show you ways to arrange and not get left within the digital world.

Compatibility with new GSM Technologies:

If you’re not a freelancer or operating for an online style company, you almost certainly have very little data of recent and forthcoming technology standards for mobile websites. This may cost you massive. As an instance, we all know mobile services are growing each month, however what solutions you may employ to create your website mobile compatible? If you weren’t responsive to net style, you would possibly instead pay a monthly fee to own an organization to produce and maintain a mobile version of your web site. Knowledgeable net style company would educate you on responsive style and however with accurate knowledge your website can possibly be much more future proof as new ways that are ready to browse the online emerge and portfolio services in USA.


A professional internet style agency not solely will assist you along with your initial on-line presence, however with future enhancements likewise. By keeping a detailed eye on skilled developments in their field knowledgeable internet style agency will assist you, expect future trends and assist you to get benefit out of them as they emerge. Your initial on-line presence is a lot of restricted, however our expertise has shown that purchasers quickly need to require, add content and practicality to their website design. By coming up with latest technology, you’ll do that quickly and simply and avoid having to re-develop all or a part of your website.


An expert internet style agency can style your web site supported a content management system reminiscent of Word Press. This can permit you to update and sustain your web site yourself, thereby eliminating the necessity for a webmaster. This can cut each time and value needed for creating updates. An expert internet style agency will invariably assist you with tougher tasks, reminiscent of adding a brand new product gallery or pushcart; however you’ll save cash by creating your own content updates in web designing services.


Professionals have the proper tools, training, and experience to do the job correctly, on-time, and at a fair price. Even though you can do it all at your own but hiring a professional web design services will not only help you to create better portfolio services in USA but also it will prove as an investment that will save your money and time as well.